Sunday, March 11, 2018

Playing Catch Up

Hi Everyone!

It has been pretty silent around here for a good long while now.  Life got terribly out of hand, and it has felt as if we are only now getting our feet back under us.  I have still been quilting since the last time you heard from me, and I have a lot to share with you over the next few weeks or months.  You may hear more from me for a while since I have a lot of backlogged projects to share.

Up first are the quilts I made for our nieces at the end of 2016 (I know that was a long time ago).

The first quilt is a low volume quilt from the book "Beyond Neutral" by John Adams (aka Quilt Dad).  The quilt pattern is actually the cover quilt from this book even though it has a very different vibe.  I LOVE the colors in John's quilt, but I wanted to tone it down to fit the girl that was to receive it.  Her room is teal and grey, so I thought this was a fun geometric pattern that would work well with a low-volume color palette.

The colors look even softer in the picture due to the lighting, however the teal fabrics actually are rather vibrant.

I love the background fabric that I used on this quilt.  It is a cloud 9 organic cotton, and it almost has a shot-cotton look to it.  The fabric also has a very nice drape and hand.  It is definitely something I would love to snuggle with, so I knew it would be perfect for a young lady.

I quilted it all over with swirls.  I am still learning to be more effective with my long-arm machine, and this was quilted early in my quilting career.  I did do some larger swirls in the open areas of the quilts and it gives a great motion to the quilt.  It almost makes the background fabric look like smoke or clouds.

We photographed this quilt when the girls came to visit us in the fall of 2016.  They have grown up so much since then!  I love looking at these pictures and remembering that weekend.  (if you're wondering why she is standing like this in the photo, it is because she is only wearing one shoe, and wanted to hide her bare foot, haha!)

Her sister received her quilt at Christmas of the same year.  She has decorated her room with a NYC feel, so I wanted to give her something that would fit her style.

This quilt is from the book "City Quilts" by Cherri House.  Again, I made the cover quilt from this book!  I love every quilt in this book.  I love her use of solids, and the way they can make an dramatic impact.  This quilt is supposed to mimic the way light reflects off the windows of a sky scraper.  I love the effect, and it worked perfectly in T's room.

This photo more accurately shows the colors of the fabric.  This was also quilted with swirls because I wanted something curved and soft to play off the straight lines.

The girls loved them which is my favorite part!  Have you made any quilts for gifts lately?  What did you make?

Hopefully I will have more to share with you soon!  I have made so many quilts!

The Quilted Mitten