Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Or maybe I should make that a double bummer.

The first bummer is that I got in a fender bender yesterday. My neighbor and I (her driveway is across from mine) backed out of said driveways at the exact same time. My car is fine though, the spare tire on the back took the impact, and there doesn't appear to be any damage. Hers on the other hand was not in as good of shape :/. Thankfully the cop said I was not at fault, and I didn't receive a ticket. I don't know if she did or not though. I hope not, that would be an extra crappy day. :(

Second bummer is I can't find my camera. This is sad because I was going to show you some of the new yummy fabric I bought yesterday. I decided that since it is spring break, I wanted a shopping day. :) My friend Deirdre and I drove to Battle Creek and stopped at two quilt shops. The first one was a MAJOR disappointment. We went to The Quiltery because it had nice reviews online, and it wasn't far from the other shop we wanted to go to. When we got there, we found out that she is going out of business, and there were about 10 bolts of fabric in the whole place. Needless to say, we weren't there long.

The next store we went to was great though. Sew Unique Threads is a great little specialty shop on the north east side of Battle Creek. She specializes in Amy Butler, and Kaffe Fasset prints (and other fabrics of this nature). We spent A LOT of time in this adorable store, and of course I had to bring some fabric home with me. Maybe if I find my camera I can upload a picture of my purchases tomorrow.

Right now I have many projects in process. I recently stumbled across Bonnie Hunter's website. If you haven't been there before you should definitely check it out. Her website is It is AWESOME for cleaning out scraps from your stash that you have no plan for. Anyway, I'm working on a couple of her "stash-buster" projects. I am also working on a large radiant star quilt with some of the fabrics from Amy Butler's "Love" line. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Well hopefully soon I'll be able to post pictures of all that I'm working on. Maybe I'll just have to borrow my boyfriends camera for a while so that you have some pretties to look at. :)

Right now