Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

So today is my last day in Kalamazoo for a while. It's a lovely day outside, the sun is shining, but there is a sweet cool breeze which is something the weather's been lacking the past week or so. Tonight I'll travel to Lansing, so that tomorrow I can meet up with my friend Katie, as we are flying together to London.

My study abroad will be AMAZING!!! I can't wait to feel a part of this great city! Nevertheless, I am going to miss home. I'm lucky enough to have a life that I love, and for the first time it's a little hard to leave. Oh well, I'll just sing some John Denver on the plane, and then once I'm there any sadness will fly out the window.

Anyway, I'm behind on posting my recent projects. Remember that picnic quilt I was telling you about? Well....dun dun dun.....here's the top!

I LOVE it. It's happy and fresh, and white (uh oh this could get messy if I actually use it for picnics :/). Anyway, it was perfect to use up some of my Amy Butler scraps that I didn't think I'd find a use for. They were all 2.5" strips, but most of them weren't much longer than 12". That's ok, because I used full strips of muslin, and just butted my short strips up against each other to use the whole muslin strip. It worked out great! Also, it gave me greater variety of fabrics. This is a great quick and easy pattern, and you can find it on the Moda bakeshop blog. They also call it the picnic quilt.

I also quilted a small amy butler wall hanging this week. It's my version of my banner quilt at the top of this page. I still don't have any pictures of it yet, but it'll give me something to post about while I'm overseas (besides everything British).

Another project in the works is a stacked quilt using Moda's 1974 line. I picked up a jelly roll on a whim of this line, and really had no idea how BEAUTIFUL it would be. I'm LOVING these blocks also because I don't have to match any seams! I'm loving the process without feeling constrained by piecing rules. It's fantastic. Again, I'll show pictures in the next few weeks, as I will not be quilting in England :(.

Anyway this has been a super long post. Next time you here from me I'll be globetrotting. Enjoy your summer and I will miss you all!