Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

I am pretty proud of myself folks!  I have been BUSTING MY STASH (slowly, haha).  I have been working on projects that have been looming over my head for quite some time, and I've actually been getting things done!  It feels so good! 

Here is the current list:

Projects that are being pieced:

Civil War Sampler (still needs it's last border)

Classic Strippy Quilt

Kaffe Fassett Postcard Quilt

Scrappy Friendship Braid

Giant Granny Panties

DS Quilts

Tops awaiting quilting:

Gabe and Renee's Wedding Quilt

Garden Party Shadowbox

Plume Quilt

1974 Quilt

Meadowsweet 2 Quilt

Amy Butler Picnic Quilt

Happy Hour Quilts (x2) (Hanging in the store)

Patches and Pinwheels (scrappy)

Stack and Whack (Parrots)

Vintage Floral Quilt

Make it You! Log Cabin

Batik Scrap Quilt

Deer Valley Girls Best Friend

Sparkle Quilt-Along

Christmas Wall Hanging


Projects that I have not started (but have the fabric):

Neptune quilt

Parisville quilt (still not sure what pattern)

Solid flying geese

Bella Medallion Quilt

Grinchmas Quilt

Total Projects: 27

New Projects this week: 0
Total finished this week: 1

The list is still daunting, BUT it is getting shorter.  I think I am going to renew my resolution from last year, and only work on projects from this list (here's to hoping).  I definitely have a problem with finishing projects after I complete their flimsy.  I have yet to explore free motion quilting on my home machine, and the turn around time at my local quilter is agonizingly slow.  Maybe I'll have to take her a few next time! 


Friday, December 14, 2012

Finally a Finish!

I have been working on a special project for my Mom for quite a while.  It was intended as last years Mother's Day present (don't judge me for being so slow), and I FINALLY got it done. 

This quilt is not traditional.  My mom had a coverlet for her bed that she liked, but wasn't "colorful" enough.  She asked me if I would applique some fabric onto it, and I reluctantly agreed.

Why reluctantly you ask?  Because this quilt is HUGE, and I have a small throat machine.  Also, I do not have adequate hand applique skills.  Nevertheless I got it done after struggling to fit it under my machine.

I also made the pillow shams, and the throw pillow.  I had a great time with making these because they were easier to maneuver.  I was able to piece batting scraps for the pillow shams so I felt extra resourceful, and the last of the fabric scraps were just enough to make the throw pillow!  Score!

My mom loves it (thankfully), and my favorite part is that I have one more project crossed off the list!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


P.S.  Thoughts and prayers to all the victims of the Connecticut shooting today.  It is a terrible tragedy, and the nation is mourning with you today. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well folks, here is my obligatory 12/12/12 post.  It will be the last date like this we'll see in our lifetime (unless progressing science allows us to live to REALLY old ages).  While scouring the internet today I came across this newspaper clipping from 12/12/1912.

I especially love the fact that there seems to be a lot of focus on women's rights.  I wonder what people will think of today's news in 100 years?  Unfortunately the news of today seems a lot more violent and sad.  

Stay tuned this week, as I have a finished project to share!  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Wednesday!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

In a bit of a conundrum.

I have stumbled into my first real difficulty as a blogger.  In the winter time, I am getting A TON of sewing and quilting done, but there is not enough daylight to get things photographed properly.  How do you all deal with this?  I work full time, and it is dark when I get to work, and when I leave work.  That leaves the weekends, but often I forget the camera, or I am too busy to schedule photo time.  Maybe I just need to make it a bigger priority.

Anyway, I am very nearly done with my mom's quilt and shams that I have been working on forever!  It will be nice to get these to her before Christmas, and since I will headed to Lansing soon I am hoping to get them on her bed without her noticing.  This will be a huge weight off my shoulders, and one more quilt finished on my intimidating WIP list!

I also started cutting fabric for another project that should move rather quickly.  It is nice to see fabric get used, and move out of the stash.

That being said, I DID buy a little bit of fabric this week.  Field's Fabrics has a great sale section with a lot of high quality designer prints for $5.97 a yard!  This week they had some Habitat by Jay McCarrol on sale, and at that price I couldn't leave it behind.  These are the prints I picked up!

If you don't know Jay McCarrol, he won the first season of "Project Runway".  According to his bio, he started quilting at a young age, well before he did any garment sewing.  Kinda like me!  I love this line of fabric, and I was super excited to find some.  I may go back next week and see if I missed any more of his prints.  Otherwise I'm sure these will get worked into a quilt in the near future.

This weekend is Quilt Camp here in Michigan, and I am SO JEALOUS of everyone that gets to go!  I wish I could've made it, but it didn't work into the schedule this year.  Have fun everyone!