Friday, May 31, 2013

Beware of Fainting Fits, Beware of Swoons

I have been IN LOVE with the "Swoon" quilt by Thimbleblossoms for a LOOOONG time.  Last year (or was it 2011? eek!) the Swoon-a-long swept the blogosphere, and I desperately wanted to be a part of it.  However, life (big life) happened, and I had to focus my energies elsewhere. 

Since moving to paradise my life has taken on a refreshed, stress-killing momentum and I've used that to my advantage.  I have been hoarding some "Neptune" by Tula Pink for a while, and I thought this would be the perfect quilt for it!  I had this great neutral in my stash that looks like weathered paint (think dock posts), and it blended beautifully as a background!

True to what others have said online, each block takes about 2 hours to complete.  I have a tendency to steer away from quilts like this simply due to my lack of patience (I'm a lazy quilter), but with this one I'm trying to stop and enjoy the process.  I am already in love with this quilt, and I feel like it is the perfect quilt for living near the water.

As I write this I am sitting in front of my window, staring at the sun shining on the lake.  I am feeling truly blessed today.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!