Friday, December 14, 2012

Finally a Finish!

I have been working on a special project for my Mom for quite a while.  It was intended as last years Mother's Day present (don't judge me for being so slow), and I FINALLY got it done. 

This quilt is not traditional.  My mom had a coverlet for her bed that she liked, but wasn't "colorful" enough.  She asked me if I would applique some fabric onto it, and I reluctantly agreed.

Why reluctantly you ask?  Because this quilt is HUGE, and I have a small throat machine.  Also, I do not have adequate hand applique skills.  Nevertheless I got it done after struggling to fit it under my machine.

I also made the pillow shams, and the throw pillow.  I had a great time with making these because they were easier to maneuver.  I was able to piece batting scraps for the pillow shams so I felt extra resourceful, and the last of the fabric scraps were just enough to make the throw pillow!  Score!

My mom loves it (thankfully), and my favorite part is that I have one more project crossed off the list!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


P.S.  Thoughts and prayers to all the victims of the Connecticut shooting today.  It is a terrible tragedy, and the nation is mourning with you today.