Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Star Blossoms in Paradise

I have another quilt to share!  Can you believe it?!

I am super lucky to be able to work-for-the-fun-of-it at a local quilt shop, in addition to my regular day job.  Recently I got to make a display quilt for the shop, in one of my favorite new lines of fabric, "Paradiso" by Kate Spain.

The pattern I used is "Star Blossoms" by Cotton Way, which is a layer cake friendly pattern.

This pattern doesn't leave a ton of room to make cutting mistakes, however it does leave you a few extra layer cake squares to make a substitution if you need to.  I really loved making this quilt, because it was such a pleasant challenge.  I am a chronic "easy quilts" type of girl, because I believe in the beauty of simplicity, and I love the gratification of finishing something.  This was a great exercise in patience in persistence, which is something that I can always use.

This quilt took long enough that I was able to watch the entire "Harry Potter" movie series while piecing.  I sewed on my last border half an hour prior to the Death of Voldemort (if you aren't a HP fan, sorry for the spoiler).

 I loved this quilt as I was piecing it, but I really had the "AHA" moment when I put the borders on.  I think it is because this fabric line has so many beautiful colors in it, and the border print tied all of them together.  I'm in love.

I finished this quilt at the store after finishing my shift Saturday.  Before I left it there to be hung in the store, I decided to grab a few quick shots on my phone so that I could share it with you.

I hope you all find yourselves well, and that all your quilting adventures bring you joy!!!!  We are so lucky to be able to create, and sew for the love of it.  Thanks for letting me share my quilting adventures with you!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

The Quilted Mitten