Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bowties in the Fall

I have another finish to share!  You may remember this quilt when I finished the top over a year ago.  Near Christmas, I finally was able to get it to the quilter for finishing, and then shortly after we moved, I finally got the binding on.
This is another one of those quilts that is "free".  Everything came from my stash to make it.  The pattern was very simple and quick to piece which was a great way to achieve instant gratification.  The blocks are just oversized bow tie blocks.

I finally got some photos about a month ago, when the weather finally started to warm up, but unfortunately the colors didn't come out quite right.  The colors in the photo below are the closest to the actual quilt.  The grass was still brown when these photos were taken, but now we have beautiful green grass and trees as summer approaches.

I loved the quilting that was done on this one.  I wanted this to be an "autumn" inspired quilt, so I had it quilted with red oak leaves and acorns in an orange thread.  I really think it turned out great! 
Thanks for letting me share this quilt with you!  I have been sewing like crazy, and have much more to share in the weeks to come.  Happy June everyone!!!