Sunday, April 12, 2015


A lot has happened in the last six months!!!  Here is the annotated version:
1. R and I unexpectedly found ourselves being kicked out of our condo by April 2015 (this month),    because someone wealthier than we are offered to pay a lot more for our space.
2. Due to our pending homelessness, we tried to buy a house.  The house we tried to buy failed inspection, and everything else in our price range was either too small, or in need of a lot of work.
3.  Following the complete failure of our home buying attempt, I started looking for a new job.
4.  I got an interview right away at the one company I had hoped to get a job with for some time.
5.  I got hired, with a 30% raise from my old position.
6.  We moved to Traverse City in February.

So...naturally...I haven't had time to sew or blog.  We have finally gotten settled into our new place, and I have been sewing up a storm ever since.  It is so nice to have space to move around again, and I have my own sewing space in our new place.  We are both really enjoying Traverse City so far, and it has been refreshing to be around happy, polite and kind people again. 

The first thing I wanted to do when we moved was to get some old projects finished.  I still have A LOT to go, but I was able to get a few quilted right away.

The first one I want to show you is called "Aztek Fire".   This pattern was found in "More Nickel Quilts" by Pat Speth.  It is using 5" scrap squares of batik fabric.  These particular fabrics were scraps left from other projects, and was a "free quilt" (at least that's what I like to call it when you don't have to buy anything to make a quilt).

Yesterday was really the first sunny day over 50 degrees, so I took the opportunity to get some photos taken.  There was very little wind, so it was a great time to get some photos of the quilt laying down.

  The blocks are a split nine patch, which gives a really fun effect, when you pair them together into pyramids.  I was lucky that most of the blocks had another block similar in color to be paired with.  Most of the stray weird colors got put to the outside of the row.

I love all of my quilts, but this is definitely one that I am more proud of.  It is more intricate than a lot of the quilts I do, and it was a good exercise in patience and precision.  Plus it always feels good to use up tiny bits of fabric.  The scrappiness of the whole thing makes the quilt even more interesting.

Well, the sun is shining again today, and it is almost 70 degrees!  Looking at these pictures makes me want to go out and play!!!  Have a happy Sunday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

The Quilted Mitten