Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living in a Winter Wonderland

Well...I have been delinquent, and for that I am sorry.  The dust is finally settling from my move, and I finally feel like I can settle back into a routine.

So far I am LOVING my new home, and my new job.  The day I moved in it started snowing, and it's hardly stopped since.

Earlier this week we did have some rain and thaw happening, but when I woke up this morning there was a new coat of snow.  It was heavy and wet, so it had the most beautiful effect on everything it touched.  I didn't have a lot of daylight left after work, but I ran about and snapped these few pictures while I could.

They're certainly not my best work, but I think they will at least help to hold it in my memory.  I DO have some quilty things to share soon, so stay tuned!