Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a top!!!! Finally!!!!

I finally finished my "Patches and Pinwheels" quilt. This quilt is far different from the quilts I normally make. One reason is the fact that it's made completely from leftover scrap fabric. The second is that there are a lot of darks in the quilt. I tend to make a lot of my quilts in more modern fabrics.

Here are some pictures of the quilt on my bed, and a close up of the blocks.

I also started another quilt this week. I decided to make my own Jelly Roll with leftover 2.5 inch Amy Butler strips. Then I decided to make the picnic quilt that was recently posted on the Moda Bakeshop blog. I'll post pictures when I get it done. It's a really quick quilt and I'm only 10 blocks away from having all the blocks done.

I also bought some batting for two wall hangings that I'm going to attempt to quilt on my home machine. I've quilted most of my quilts myself, but I don't enjoy doing big projects on my home machine. I figured these two are small enough that I should be able to handle them.

Well....other than that I'm just trying to get ready for my study abroad. I leave in less than two weeks, so it's getting really exciting. I'll try my best to give you an update before I leave, and I'll be sure to show some beautiful pictures of my trip!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm a lazy blogger....I'm sorry

K, so I know it's been 2 MONTHS!!! Sorry guys.

Anyway there are a few reasons for being so delinquent. First of all I still don't know where my camera is, and I feel bad posting with no pictures. Secondly I STILL don't have that patches and pinwheels top completely finished. I'm getting close though. Today I plan to finish the borders and then hopefully I can get it quilted in the near future.

Which brings me to my thought of the day. How do you feel about hiring someone else to quilt your tops? It bothers me a little bit. They always turn out beautiful, but then I never feel as if I made the quilt myself. I know that eventually I will buy my own long-arm machine, but as of yet I neither have the money or the space to do so. So that begs the question, should I put my current money towards a long arm machine, or towards having a top quilted? I don't know. What are your thoughts?

Anyway, I'll steal Dave's camera for a picture of the top when it's finished. Sorry for no pretties today.