Monday, April 29, 2013

A Little Late to the Game

So, I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the "Scrappy-Trip-Along".  I fell in love with Bonnie Hunter's version of this pattern a long time ago, so when it went viral I could hardly resist!  With my move, and new job I was a little late getting started, but once started I couldn't stop!

These blocks are SO MUCH FUN!!!  You can put some of the most random fabrics together, and collectively the result it beautiful!  I used up a ton of scrap 2 1/2" strips in this process, but I have enough to make 10 more of these quilts!  I tried to put the darkest fabric in the center of the block, but that was the only fabric placement that was planned.

This past weekend we had BEAUTIFUL sunny weather!  I could hardly wait to get outside and get fresh air!  After a 3.5 run on Monday, I was blessed to see a Bald Eagle flying circles around the harbor. :)  I about jumped out of my skin with excitement.  Today has been cold and rainy, but having a sunny weekend was a great cure-all for a long winter indoors.

My Favorite Block!

I have really been settling in to Northern Michigan, and I am LOVING IT!  This past weekend was a riot, and non-stop!  There is a lot of local culture, as well as tons of ways to explore nature.  I think I may have found my forever-home; I don't think I'll ever want to leave.

Also, don't forget that my new pattern "When In Rome" is now available on Craftsy!  Find it HERE.

Have a lovely week!