Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Little Quilts for Little Friends.

Hello Everyone!!!

Another post in less than a week!  Who can believe it?

I told you I have been quilting up a storm, and I meant it.

Today I'd like to share with you some kids quilts I made this past spring to celebrate a new baby born to one of my best, lifelong friends.

My dear friend A and I have been friends since middle school.  We knew each other when we were awkward, and immature, and dumb, and we still want to be friends with one another.  Some of the highlights of my journey towards adulthood feature her, and the ridiculous things we did together. 
As an only child, she and one other friend of ours have been like family.

A told me earlier this year that she was having a baby due in August.  As she is the closest thing I have to a sister, I jumped on the opportunity to make a baby quilt for her new little one.

This quilt was named "Welcome to The World!", as it is made from the Scrappy Trips Around the World pattern by Bonnie Hunter (  It is a free pattern, and there was a scrappy trip along a few years ago that made this pattern very popular.  I wish I had been able to capture the adorable quilting on this one.  A friend of mine quilted it with butterflies and flowers all over.

A also has a son.  He is an adorable, sweet, fun kid and it always bothered me that I wasn't able to make him a quilt when he was born.  I didn't think it was fair to make his new baby sister a quilt before making him one.  His entire family are die hard Michigan State Spartan fans, so I knew I needed to make something green and white.  

This quilt is named "Go Green!" in honor of the Spartans.  This is also a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter called "Scrappy Mountain Majesties" (  This was a fun, quick pattern, and it was a great use of scraps.  All of the green fabrics in this quilt were weird sized hunks left over from other projects (with a few fat quarters mixed in). 

I knew that giving a young rambunctious boy a quilt with so much white could be a bad decision.  Later on, A sent me this picture, and I knew that it didn't matter.

This one was quilted with all over loops and it turned out really cute.  I love that he loves his quilt so much.

A has since had a beautiful baby girl.  I'm so glad that even though I wasn't there to welcome her, the quilt was.

Until next week! 

The Quilted Mitten


  1. Beautiful! I have yet to make a Trip around the world, but it's on my list....
    Congrats to your friend :-)

    Happy sewing ~ Tracy

  2. Such lovely quilts. Great to see them being used and loved. I am sure they will be cherished for many years to come.

  3. Two great finishes I love your 'Scrappy Trip', those darker blues & greens bounce against the lighter fabrics beautifully! And the 'Majestic Mountains' is getting well used to !

  4. Both quilts are beautiful. What a great picture of your friends son wrapped up in the quilt you gave him. You can tell he loves it.

  5. Both quilts are so fabulous, and I love that big brother is getting such nice use from his already!

  6. Love your scrappy trip quilt. That's what i linked up this week as well. Such a great pattern for all kinds of fabrics.

  7. Both are very nice! Even better with all the love stitched in.

  8. Both are very nice! Even better with all the love stitched in.